Home Automation

Comfort, Flexibility, cost efficiency, safety and security are the increasing demands in recent years for a new private home or commercial building.

Comfort in terms of intelligent blind control, timed heating control, atmospheric lighting, access to music everywhere, audio video controls at the press of the button, remote control of door locking and access control systems create an optimal environment for intelligent home and building management via Remote control, PDA, Touch screen, PC and GSM/CDMA technologies. Several of the following different functions can be successfully adapted to meet specific requirements using world wide open standards in accordance with European standards EN50090.

1. Door opening & intercom from any room.
2. Security Alarm with RFID access cards. Home security SOS thru SMS & Telephone Dial.
3. Five different audio programs independently in each room. Local FM Radio.
4. Connect PC or any Audio/Video Device to listen to Music in any room.
5. Timer Activation control for Audio Systems.
6. Dimming Lights and Activate light control when required to create light scenes.
7. Control presence simulators, occupancy sensors, motion detectors.
8. Baby surveillance of Children & sick people on Telephone.
9. Remote control of Alarms through Fixed or Mobile Telephone.
10. Activation and Remote Control of Home Appliances by telephone through GSM.
11. Roll Up/Down Awnings with current sunlight intensity and through phone.
12. On/Off Garden Sprinkles though phone.
13. On/Off Thermostats through phone.
14. Fire / Gas / Flooding/ Security and SOS alarm notice.
15. General Call and Room to Room Intercom for up to 50 Zones.
16. Alarm Clock + LCD Display with adjustable brightness.
17. Display Interior and Exterior Temperatures and Exact Time
18. Record a Message and Play from any control unit within the house.

Visual Comfort can assist to provide technical solutions and design home automation schemes to newly constructed independent houses, duplex houses, apartments and flats. We can bring in superior trained world class technical expertise in these areas with an access to the best solution providers and manufacturers especially from the European continent in the home automation sector.