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Energy Efficiency

In the present international scenario of fast depleting conventional energy resources specifically coal, natural gases, petroleum products etc need to develop an innovative approach to conserve electrical energy is becoming mandatory for indoor and outdoor installations. Reliable technological methods are required to be developed to ensure that the best practices of energy conservation are implemented.

With regard to conversation of electrical energy by illumination sources several short term and long term avenues are recommended in practice by our lighting engineers.
Short term and Long term avenues for more use of Energy Efficient Lighting in all establishments.

  1. Replacing all incandescent lamps with screw-in-CFLs in all building and residences
  2. Using pin-based CFLs in dedicated fixture to give prolonged life to the using of CFLs in place of conventional lights Viz.FTL etc. In standard office premises.
  3. Advocating usage of CFLs in the designs and providing CFL lamps based designs in offices for several areas like office work area, Corridors and Reception areas etc.
  4. Recommendation and designs incorporating Lighting Controls to control the usage of light.
  5. Designs based on usages of Motion Detectors, Light & Lux level Optical sensors, Presence detectors or Occupancy Sensors coupled with Dimmable Digital Ballasts in Corridors, Office working areas, toilets, conference rooms. This would avoid consumption of unwanted energy and reduce power consumption.
  6. Usage of Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballasts and Transformers to reduce the power consumption by adjusting the artificial light levels in the system.
  7. Appropriate designs to maximise the usage of Day lighting in building design and reduce her through reflectors from sunlight coming in to the buildings.
  8. Integration of artificial lighting and day lighting by using programmable daylight sensors within the lighting system.
  9. Usage of T5 lamps in place of conventional FTL lamps of T8 and now rarely used t12 FTLS.
  10. Bring in the usage of LED technology in Street Lighting coupled with Solar Panel Poles.
  11. Advocate usage of LED technology for Decorative Lighting, Effect Lighting, Cove Lighting, Accent Lighting and mood lighting.
  12. Develop new methods to introduce Solar Energy for small requirements in urban areas as of now and concentrate on using them in remote street lighting, remote village buildings in rural areas.
  13. Advocate the usage of Capacitors extensively to reduce reactive power in inefficient motors in rural areas.
  14. Ensure that all panel designs are incorporated with Automatic Power Factor Capacitor banks.

Several more non conventional systems and approaches would be appropriately evolved and implemented and would ensure these systems are incorporated.