Illumination Solutions

Our world class team of lighting experts provide Lighting Design Schemes for Artificial illumination of the built environment for Modern Interiors.Our specialization includes Office Lighting, Retail Lighting, Commercial Space Lighting, Modern Residences, Auditoriums, Hotels & Restaurants.We also develop Lighting solutions for Flood Lighting of Open Spaces,Facade Lighting for building exteriors,Landscape lighting for surrounding ambience,Street lighting for arterial roads,pathways and highways.

LIGHT PLANNING Activities for illumination Design and Consultation.

             Selection of luminaires
             Selection of light sources
             Selection of Illuminance levels as per standards
             Identify the Environment type  
             Design Daylighting Strategy
             Design Control Strategy
             Selection of Luminaire Control components
             Selection of Light Control Equipment
             Design Indoor Lighting Scheme
             Design Lighting Automation and Switching Scheme
             Ascertain Energy Efficiency in Energy Usage
             Develop Visualizations
             Prepare Lighting Layout
             Prepare Load Calculations
             Prepare Lighting Project Specifications
             Prepare Bill of Quantities
             Prepare Comparative Analysis of Approved Makes
             Finalise Lighting Product/Brand Selection
             Installation Supervision
             Commissioning of Lighting

Lighting Design Deliverables for any Project

  1. Lighting layout with dimensions on CAD drawings
  2. Lighting fixture arrangement layout
  3. Recommended Illumination calculation sheet
  4. Illuminance (Lux) Distribution values
  5. Illuminance Distribution Curves
  6. Lighting Bill of Quantities
  7. Lighting Product Specifications
  8. Luminaire Data Sheet
  9. Wiring Diagram for Lighting Controls
  10. Polar Curves of Luminaire + Lamp (if necessary)
  11. 3D Visualizations as necessary