Office Lighting

INCOIS, Hyderabad: Architect’s Design implementation and lighting controls

The Lighting designer had implemented lighting scheme of an architect and also designed the Lighting control scheme for its mini-auditorium and conference halls. The entire lighting scheme was developed on THORN(UK) VISION lighting software. The illumination levels and low glare lighting scheme for following building areas were designed for atleast in three different buildings. The lighting design was based on standardised illumination requirements, Glare control for VDU areas, Aesthetics, Lighting Controls for different illumination levels with analog and digital dimmer ballasts of ATCO, energy efficient lighting design using CFL lamps and high color rendering lamps.

The total design installation of atleast 1200 different fixtures for indoor and atleast 200 outdoor fixtures and atleast 50 dimming ballasts installation scheme for conference room.

Director’s Room

ALU Room

Office areas

Battery Room


Electrical Room

Conference Room

Dining Halls

Mini Auditorium

Reception areas


Rest Rooms and wash areas

Research labs

Computer Centres

Design Software : Thorn Vision