CCMB Lacones Project, Hyderabad

This is an international project called Laboratory for Conservation of Endangered Species (LACONES). In this project the entire campus was illuminated comprising of two large buildings indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. There were several locations within the building that we designed the lighting scheme for. The building lighting design also focused on the parameters of Energy Efficient Lighting, Clean Room Lighting for laboratory areas, Low glare lighting for specific areas, hazardous lighting for a few areas.

Animal testing Labs

Clean Room Lighting

Animal excision labs

Clean Room Hazardous area lighting

Computer workstations

Low glare Uplighters only

Office areas

No false ceiling Batten series lighting

Directors cabin

Visually Comfortable Lighting

Conference halls

Indirect lighting


Aesthetic lighting solutions

Training centers

Controlled lighting with task lighting

Research labs

Clean room hazardous area lighting

Design Software : Thorn Vision