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ZOUK PUB Lighting (100 % LED lights):

The uniqueness of this project is with regard to the energy savin aspect and aesthetic design for exclusive interiors inside a PUB. The total area is divided into DANCE FLOOR, COMMON AREA and PRIVATE AREA. The common area and Private area have bar counters at the back and have a lot of dining and seating area.The theme applied for Private area was a special cozy,exclusive and relaxing space for couples.

This area was illuminated with colour changing LEDs of 1W and 3W downlighters for the general hall. The side wall was filled with a water flowing thin design on the glass and space was created for colour changing LED battens with sequencing control to drape the wall. The ceiling was also illuminated with colour battens in square shape along the ACP panels to give indirect colour changing light.

The common area adjacent to the dance floor was filled with blue LEDs and completely used 3W blue LEDs with the center portion displaying LED colour changing balls. The bar counter area were also finished in Colour changing shelves and the counter had an exclusive display of onyx stone in front illuminated with bright amber LEDs. In total the following fixtures were used.

3W Blue LEDs – 30 No.s
3W Amber LEDs – 28 No.s
12W LED battens with colour changing – 100 No.s
1W Amber LED – 40 No.s

LA ITALIENE Restaurant:The restaurant used only 30 No.s 1W Amber LEDs and 10 No.s 2W White LEDs.The subtle amber light was hidden under the cloth ceiling in the restaurant and White 5000K 2W LEDs illuminated the show windows carved into the side walls.

The project was designed using DIALUX Software.