Illumination for residential spaces involves virtually unique concepts for lighting. Factors such as Comfort, Coziness, Energy Efficiency, Ambience play a vital role. Lighting concepts such as Dynamic Mood Lighting; Lighting adaptable to circadian rhythms of day and night; Scene Setting and Scene Control; Lighting Automation involving Dimming and Occupancy sensors, Photo Sensors, Corridor  control;  Garden & Outdoor lighting have to be adopted. Our expertise in residential lighting encompasses good lighting schemes including dynamic dimming, scene control, LED lighting,

We have implemented Digital & Analog Dimming schemes with CFL, Flourescent, Halogen, Incandescent, LED sources. Good design schemes implemented include Day Light and Artificial Light balance,Occupancy based switching schemes, Photo sensors with dimmable ballasts for pre-determined ambient light dimming, Decorative and Interior Design based lighting solutions.

The concept of good residential lighting also involves enhancing the visual ambience in both indoor & outdoor external lighting of the residential environment. Our expertise stems from providing a good scheme that  involves selection and recommendation of Decorative light fittings which blend with the interior design, ambient colour, texture, furnishings, upholstery, wall & cieling designs.
Light as a form of art can take its shape in such residential independent & community living spaces.