Retail Lighting

Our daily lives in the modern day world revolve under the roof of good living, exotic ambiences, usage of ergonomic utilities for endurance, life style products, technology driven conveniences, Packaged foods with freshness, Endurable Consumer goods, Multimedia technology consumer durables, State of the art Electronics all of which ultimately result in a socially, economically and personally improvised living standards. The possession of such goods for the buyer depends  on the communication medium adopted by the seller and therefore the platform for such transactions continues to be the RETAIL OUTLET or the SHOP in the next door or street. Nevertheless, the medium for such interfaces  and transactions have to change and adopt itself  to the present day needs and the platform for these exchanges have to be communicative during day and night equally. Therefore such Platforms have to be Visually adaptable, Highly illuminated, the Point-of-Sale rightly lit, Product Display highlighted, Task Illumination and Accent lighting to be provided to enhance brand visibility and product visibility.

We as Lighting Designers can therefore involve in the process of providing illumination for retail spaces  as per acceptable standards to specify appropriate illumination levels, create Glare free illumination, design and recommend right light sources and luminaires ,ensure energy efficiency, Calculate accent and task illumination requirements, provide international standard lighting designs,
consumer product specific ambience,Adopt Color matching & selection techniques, improve  contrast levels. Our team has expertise in providing Illumination designs for Retail Malls, Cloth Showrooms, Jewellery Stores, Fashion Boutiques, Retail Chain of Brand Outlets. We have undertaken the design of some of the best Retail Malls and Outlets in this part of the world.

Our expertise in Retail Mall Lighting is acknowledged & accalaimed as one of  the very best in the field and as per international standards. We simulate ,create and calculate to provide appropriate light adapting to the best cieling and wall surroundings in the vicinity. Also we provide unique and innovative lighting solutions for dynamic, intriguing, quizzical & bizarre  wall & cieling situations.