Facade Lighting

One of the most challenging and difficult tasks in illumination engineering is a good architectural monument lighting scheme for our old heritage monuments. In todays world it is imperative to have a good external illumination design for the built environment to enhance the beauty of the civil or architectural structure in place to recognize, symbolize and highlight the archaeological and modern importance of such monuments or buildings.

The high energy consumption as a result of such light planning requires an indepth cost benefit analysis and also adoption of different color light sources. Usage of the developing LED technology due to its dynamic color possibilities and high efficacy has enhanced value to the monuments and sources like metal halide have provided the benefit of bringing out the originality of these.

Our team has international expertise in this arena and these team members have  worked on one of the best facade lighting projects in Poland and Germany installations. We have an expertise to develop and simulate the night time artificially illuminated picture of the day light facade  and implement the same to provide the actual designed illumination to these structures. We call this photo realistic simulations. Our team would be at the forefront to throw expertise of the modern day computer and software techniques available and the share the knowledge and skills of  installing the latest lighting technology products available in the market