Street Lighting

Road lighting for Primary, Secondary, Factory Internal Roads, Industrial & Commercial premises internal roads,Municipal Streets, Major Roads & Road Junctions, Highways, High Speed Expressways have different standards for Illumination. The Lighting designer has to develop appropriate road lighting schemes which gives the motorists, pedestrians glare free illumination,  provides visibility under extreme conditions like fog, high speed and open sky darkness during night.

Our team has years of expertise in providing Street & Road lighting Illumination schemes for all such types of roads to enhance the visibility of motorists and pedestrians alike in any adverse environment. Working for good Road Lighting schemes requires understanding the road surface types, calculating bends and curvature angles, distinguishing between pedestrian, normal and high speed motorists movement, multiple lane requirements and illumination planning at a very early stage of overall the road design. Urban streetlighting also includes schemes for large junctions, flyovers, bridges, central locations and important city monument locations. Rapid improvements in efficiency is leading to increased usage of products combining LED sources for light and SOLAR sources for power,obviating the need for huge investments in power infrastructure for streetlighting

Under the present scenarios Lighting Designers also have an added responsibility to ensure that good energy saving and reduced energy consumption methods are adopted in urban street lighting so as to bring in large scale reduction of CO2 emissions and follow the green energy steps  and  commandments for a safer earth and betterment of the mankind.